Springfood, MO

TGAoE Ep.2 w/Dan Howell - recorded 8/23/2013

Recovered from the deepest recesses of the internet, today's Tower Club-exclusive is a remaster of the first podcast episode Dan & Andy ever recorded together, from way back on August 23, 2013. It's the second episode of Andy's second podcast, The Golden Age of Everything, which ran sporadically for 12 episodes eight years ago. We talked about At World's End, Run The Jewels, and Watchmen (the novel). Prepare for a lugubrious slew of embarrassing bad takes from a 21- and 27-year-old who knew much less about these subjects than they believed. If you like low-energy discussions with copious Ums, Uhs, and long pauses, this episode is for you. We've come a long way!

(Yes, the old show had the same theme music.)

If you feel a little ripped off by this episode being your Tower Club release this week, fret not; we'll be doing two episodes per week for the entirety of July leading up the end of the show.

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